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I work with leaders who know that healing is the gateway to their power. Change agents who take responsibility for their destiny and have no time to waste. Aspiring masters who are constantly learning, growing, and seeking to increase their effectiveness and impact.

They call me when they find themselves in crisis or stasis because I draw upon cutting-edge research, ancient wisdom, and grounded spirituality. And they know that I’ll do what it takes to ignite the change and transformation they need in their life and practice.

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My Story

I have conquered and I have endured. Like so many others I have survived innumerable assaults on my mind, body, and spirit: sexual abuse, betrayal, personal loss, financial loss, car accidents, health issues, and more. 

For me mastery means making the choice to live my life with the unshakable knowing that I am more than my story and my body.

I am seeker of great truths and wisdom and my journey has led me to study with some of the world’s most powerful teachers. I have thousands of hours of training in modalities as varied as coaching, education, counselling, spirituality, martial arts, yoga, meditation, and ancient healing. You can see a partial list on my training and certification page.

I synthesize all of this into an integrative and holistic approach that allows me to support my clients in a manner that is both rich in resourcefulness and grounded in authenticity. 

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Spiritual Coaching $225

Awaken your soul to the inner landscape of your own medicine. Gain new perspective on your sacred quest or unleash your quantum healing power. Ninety-minute private sessions delivered in person or online.  

Internal Martial Arts

Mind body practices that improve mental and physical health including Medical Qigong, Tai Chi, and Dao Yin. Group classes delivered at various studios and listed on event page.  Private lessons available upon request. 


Medical Qigong Master’s Path 


Certification Prerequisite Program $900

  • Six week program. Twenty-four hours total. 
  • Prerequisite to the teacher certification. 
  • Includes one private coaching session (60 min).
  • Includes gentle movements and teaching.
  • Techniques to improve breathing, Qi flow, and healing.
  • Develop your personal practice.  
  • Bonus: 7th weekend make-up class in case you have to miss one. 

Upon successful completion receive a $900 credit toward the 200-hour program.

Medical Qigong Restorative Teacher Certification

A combination of live trainings and correspondence to earn your 200-hour certification delivered in partnership with Zen Wellness. Celine is your personal instructor throughout the process. Program includes optional weeklong retreats in Arizona or Nova Scotia. 

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Community Membership

Delivered via Facebook Private Group 

Connect with other Qigong students

Engage in meaningful conversations

Monthly community newsletter 

Daily Qigong practice